Assembling and testing a 68K-MBC

This is the latest variant from Just-4-Fun, after the Z80-MBC2 and V20-MBC. The project is detailed here. The 68k-MBC is an easy to build 68008 CPU SBC (Single Board Computer), using only easy to find TH parts. It follows the same “concept” of the previous Z80-MBC2 and V20-MBC boards, using a PIC18F47Q10 MCU as EEPROM […]

PLAY Colossal Cave Adventure WITH Z80-MBC2

Colossal Cave Adventure (also known as ADVENT, Colossal Cave, or Adventure) is a text adventure game. A disk for the game is here. I used cpmtoolsgui to extract the files from the disk (Disk image with Colossal Cave adventure, version B00, 550 points. Requires Z80 CPU.) and put then onto the SD card disks. Follow […]

Technicals on uTerm VGA

This page will be my notes as I build up my understanding of the VGA solution used in the uTerm board. Below is a cropped snapshot of the uTerm schematic. We can clearly see the vsync and hsync signals being generate by the MCU. Conveniently the board has a number of test points (TP1, TP3 […]

Adding a uTerm board to my Z80-MBC2

Designed by Fabio Defabis Fust-for-Fun: uTerm (micro-Term) is a VT100-like terminal for the Z80-MBC2 (or V20-MBC). It has a VGA out and PS/2 keyboard connector, a power supply for the Z80-MBC2 and a “transparent” serial-USB port. The video terminal is based on the ChibiTerm project. Up to this point I have been using my Z80-MBC2 via […]

LCD Display for Z80-MBC

IO on the Z80-MBC is accomplished via ATmega32 listening to two IO port addresses on address line A0. There is a write and a read I/O branch. We will only patch in additional opcodes for the write branch. A0 I/O Request 1 Store Opcode given on databus (and reset the exchanged bytes counter) 0 Execute […]